Home is where your heart is a comfort zone reflection of your past and link to the future. So how about making this special place a little more luxurious. Elklasse Studio offers highly customized plantations & floristry to our sophisticated client’s home. No matter whatever the look of your home is trendy, modern, lavish, traditional, rustic, and minimal or combination we work through every detail to bring your style and vision to life. Studies have found strong linkages between plnats/flower and your satisfaction with life. Greens at your home increases health, happiness, reduces depression, anxiety and capable of increased emotional connect with friend and family.

All the good that they can do for your body and soul:

  • Our green and colourful arrangements will give you a detectable mix of colours and textures to create the home of your style.
  • The little- little personal touches you add with us will make your home uniquely yours. After all you deserve the best.
  • Plants & Flowers are gorgeous to look at and they are capable of brightening up the space but majority of us overlook the benefits of having them in our lives and homes. They are not simple decorating thing rather they are bundle of benefits. Now feel blissful and happiness throughout the day. No meditation, health supplements each morning just get some green detox. So redefine the luxury with us in your flowerholic way and style.