Floral decorations are essential part of any occasion or venue today. The growing fascination for cut and artificial flowers not just enhance the aura of the setting, they also provide a dash of freshness and happiness. Elklasse is trying to carve a niche as a Green company known for its agility, gorgeous designs sense and immaculate Green & floral displays. Our designs are inspired from all walks of life –from valleys of Himalaya to the most surprising colours of fresh peach or lemon at the road side greengrocer. Unmatched demand for the luxury has given birth to the Elklasse and, what best then plants & flowers for defining that elegant taste which makes you stand out to be uniquely elegant.. At Elklasse our expert and passionate team creates innovative and adorable designs with finest quality of plants and flowers. We supply fresh,decorative and best quality plants and floral arrangements to homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, banks, hospitals and many other businesses.

If you don’t like the idea of plucking real flowers to make part of your home and office décor then silk flowers in different textures are great options for you. They are low maintenance and look as gorgeous as real flowers. If you have lack of time, different allergies, and limited sunlight fortunately Elklasse offer you beautiful silk flowers. You can easily change silk flowers with each season, mood and occasion to give your home the right look. We offer you vast array of artificial plants and flowers from blooming flowers, palm tree, bamboo, bonsai, or bushes, the right blend will lighten your gloomy house corners. silk flowers are very effective and strong décor element. Remember you always wanted a beautiful outdoor, terrace, or balcony garden covered with flowers, but did not have that energy, time and budget to nurture one. Artificial flowers and plant are the best solution then. There is striking range of artificial flower arrangements designed especially for the outside. They are sun resistant, able to tolerate any weather and above all they look realistic. They can spin a barren lawn into a beautiful flowery and green garden without digging, weeding, or lifting.

  • They give you permanent colour and perpetual blooming
  • Easy to move around
  • Little maintenance and durability
  • They save water

Cut flowers add lot of aesthetic element to your business and home. They help you to achieve that magical and luxurious look and fragrance. Cut flowers are so versatile and far-reaching; they can be used in a wide variety of ways. Unusually creative design and textures create interest, happiness, and elevate your mood or productivity. So whichever is your choice we will spoil you with the number of options catering to your requirements.