It has been substantiated by many researches across the world including NASA clean air study that infusion of greenery and flowers at the work place will increase the productivity and health of the employee. Need some arguments to be flowerholic, these are some of the benefits which come with being the greenery addict:-

Some of the benefits of keeping Plants & flowers in your office:

  • Employee attitude and retention is a top incentive for corporations to use plants in their facilities.
  • We are less stressed and more productive around plants hence it increases productivity.
  • We are willing to pay more in retail areas that include trees!
  • Flowers and plants promote innovation and ideas.
  • Plants improve indoor air quality and humidity levels.
  • Plants reduce indoor-air-quality related absenteeism
  • They help in speedy health recovery.
  • Plants can increase memory retention up to twenty percent.
  • Accelerates Healing Process.
  • Improves Relationships/Compassion
  • Plants improve our health, Recorded Health Improvements after the Introduction of Interior Plants:

            AILMENT                                       %REDUCTION
Fatigue                                          20%
Headache                                      30%
Sore/Dry Throats                         30%
Coughs                                          40%
Dry Facial Skin                            25%

Above all flowers and plants generate happiness):

Some of the benefits of keeping plants & flower at your home:

  • They lift your mood, placing plants & flowers in the bedroom, kitchen, hallway or wherever you get ready to start your day, can help beat the morning blues.
  • People with plants & flowers in their homes are more likely to feel relaxed, less anxious and more empathetic towards others. If you’re studying for exams or preparing a major presentation at work, flowers will also help with stress and take the edge off.
  • Plants & Flowers in your home will also boost positivity, energy and enthusiasm.
  • Improved air quality. Indoor plants have a number of benefits on your physical health. In fact, NASA scientists have discovered at least 50 houseplants and flowers that eliminate harmful pollutants that could otherwise cause headaches, coughs, colds, allergies and fatigue. These leafy green plants and flowers purify the air and release oxygen, while absorbing dangerous toxins such as carbon monoxide and formaldehyde.