Why us Corporates:

  • We work closely with our clients arranging green plants and floral displays in sync with their company’s culture and values.
  • We help you to convey your brand image to your target audience in a very subtle and elegant manner.
  • No matter how big or small you are we do our job with utmost sincerity, compassion and commitment.
  • If you find any problem with the freshness or design we will replace the plant/vase within a day. Elklasse Studio is committed for best customer satisfaction and services.
  • We will design and supply, install and tweak it to your budget requirements with flexible payment options.
  • We offer widespread services from design to installation and the committed maintenance.
  • A company like ours who is passionate about its work and determined to make everything best for you will enhance your company image.
  • Elklasse’s arrangements can put a smile to almost everyone's face, improving moods and ambiance of your brand.
  • Elklasse’s right arrangements at right place create the desired impression; they can make a great difference in the décor by amplifying the essence of your brand. They can reflect the heart and soul of the establishment.
  • As your corporate green partner we help you in arranging best displays for your office.

Why us Residences:

  • Elklasse Studio is catering a wide array of luxurious displays delivered weekly to monthly to our sophisticated client’s home.
  • Elklasse believe in creating the exceptionally creative customized arrangements which are handpicked from the wide variety of gorgeous plants & flowers in all textures, colours and scales to represent your unique style.
  • Our adorable designs and spectacular displays will impress your guests and above it will control the


Combination of our wide range of plants, blooms, branches, foliage and vases create an elegant way of
living by giving different dimensions to small and large spaces.